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My name is Stav Brokman, 26 year old, based in Tel-Aviv. I graduated with B.Des in Fashion Design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

During my studies at Shenkar I specialized in: Lingerie, Menswear, Men's Tailoring, Evening Gown, Garment inspired by an apron functions, RTW collection, Graphics & Prints in collaboration with textile department.

​Always seeking new ways to improve my skills, in 2018 I intern at 'Tamar Branitzky' a Textile Designer, and became her Personal Assistant. I was honored to help her in a variety of projects, exhibitions and competitions she took part in. All which expanded my knowledge and understanding in both the commercial and artistic fields. For over a year I interned at 'MASKIT' an israeli fashion house.

My ambition and eagerness to learn and develop my knowledge led me to work at "Gertrud" an Israeli woman's brand and become the head designer for a year. Alike summer 2022, when i started working as a women designer at 'PAPER'. I was part of the research, develop and the making of S/S collection.

Today I am working in '911FASHION, :story, PAPER' as a Womenswear designer, a position that combines my skills as a fashion designer and as a former athlete. I acquire new knowledge while pursuing new dreams.

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