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32°29'21"N 34°53'07"E
The meeting point of the rhombuses

The meeting point of converging and fused rhombuses within the breakwaters, became a doorway to freedom. Amidst stormy days, a fortuitous alignment of rhombus shapes on the boathouse breakwaters and a building's staircase provided the sole reliable signal for safe entry to the beach.

This project presented a transformative journey, offering a paradoxical perspective on my love and disdain for sailing. Clothing played a vital role, conveying messages, providing camouflage and instilling a sense of security.

Mark Quinn's sculpture series, "Frozen Waves," eloquently reflects my deep affinity for the sea. Monumental arches, formed from stainless steel and concrete, emerge from eroded shell fragments, destined to become sand. Resembling waves, these arches remind us of nature's enduring power. A material metamorphosis from motion to form captures the desire to freeze fleeting moments.

Hey, my name is Stav and I was born to a sailor’s family. they all used to sail and compete so it was only natural that I became one myself. Ever since I can remember, my life were about competing around the globe. I was Israeli champion, vice world champion. In 2016 I served in the army in a program for excelling athletes and campaigned to the Olympics in Rio.

Till the age of 21 I was devoted to the sea, so turning into design and fashion It was only natural that my project will be merging those two that had shaped my life. The name of the collection is a sequence of coordinates representing an imaginary point at sea. In order to make a safe entry ashore in stormy days you need to find this point by over lapping red rhombuses painted on the boathouse and on a building's staircase. This meeting point for years was a gate to freedom.

The project presents my transformative journey, offering a paradoxical perspective on my love-hate relationship with sailing. Clothing played an important role in this narrative, convey messages, provide camouflage, and evoke a sense of security. During my research I came across Mark Quinn's sculpture series, "Frozen Waves," which reflects my deep emotions for the sea. He created monumental arches that looks like shell fragments, formed from white concrete and steel, destined to become sand while resembling waves. Reminds us of nature's enduring power that would last long after us. A material metamorphosis captures the desire to freeze fleeting moments.


The collection, crafted from recycled sails, knitwear's I developed from fishing wires, elastane and silk. Each fabric and garment transformed by a unique treatment: prints originally designed by me, were created by hand drawing and digital work from photos of sea reflections i took over the world. Fabrics sublimated or screen printed with non-woven fabrics. Garments were draped and hand sewed, hand embroidered and beaded.

Look No.1

Look No.2

Look No.3

Look No.4

Look No.5

Look No.6

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